This picture contains photographs of the members of the Ardmore Rotary Club in 1966. Shown in the picture from left to right and front to back, approximately:

          Henry C. Seamon          Hoyle Holt                   Fred Chapman, Jr.
          Dr. O.R. Randall            Albert Riesen, Jr.          Bill Chapman
          Jim Bramlett                 Sam P. Hale, Jr.           Fred Collins
          Dr. G.W. Clay               Basil Morton
          G.P. Middaugh              Vencent Snider            Miles Wallace
          Dean Rutland                Jay Yeager                 Don Leeman
          Tal Nutting                    Dewey Clemens
          Doug Dillard                  Woodrow Hulme           Wilmer Smith
          Bill Gardner                   Claude McCarter
          Ernest Martin                 Lee Coffey                  Bill Hayes
          Quinn Palmer                 D.O. Coffey                Mark Douglas
          Fred A. Chapman           Earl Q. Gray               
          Guy M. Harris                Bub Harvey
                                             Dutch Rogers
          J.I. Goins                      Henry Baum
          John Harrell                   John Simpler, Jr.
          John Snodgrass              Ken Milburn
          Bob Fraley                     Jo Kennedy
          Arthur Martin                 David Steed
          Jim Fox                         Martin Cassidy
          Crockett Fox                  Fred Hicks
          Dr. Edwin W. Parker
          Dr. Allen Polen