Meeting Notes
President Deana Evans called the meeting to order.  President-Elect Brett Matherly led the invocation.   Mr. Matherly also led the club in saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the 4-Way Test. 
  • Brunch to be held at Goddard Center on April 29th and the cost is $40 per person.
  • Story of World War I event will be at Southwest Greater Historical Museum on April 19th at 5:30 pm.
  • Rotary Board Meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, April 19, at 8 am at Prairie Kitchen.
Junior Rotarians
Junior Rotarians were introduced and presented with certificates.  This month’s students are:
  • Ireland McGill
  • Madalyne  Alvarez
  • Jackson Parker
  • Douglass-Ann Smith
  • Tyler Yakubchik. 
This will be our last group of students for this school year.  We will present scholarships at next week’s meeting.
Ireland McGill and her mother Mary
Madalyne Alvarez and her father Aaron
Jackson Parker and his mother April
Douglass Ann-Smith and her mother Sara
Tyler Yakubchik and his mother Debbie and father Glenn
28 members and 12 guests for a total of 40 were present.
Guest Speaker and Program
President Deana Evans introduced guest speaker Steven Pierce from Michelin.  Steven has been with Michelin for 31 years.  Originally from South Carolina, Steven attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  He began working with Michelin after graduation and he worked in many different departments that prepared him well to work in recruitment.  Michelin has been in existence for 125 years and was recently honored by Forbes magazine as the best company to work for in the United States. 
Steven outlined five core values that direct all of the operations. 
  1. Respect for the Environment
  2. Respect for the Shareholder
  3. Respect for the Customer
  4. Respect for the Facts
  5. Respect for People
Steven is working on a new initiative called Ardmore Tractivity. The goal is to determine the things that Ardmore needs to do to attract young people with excellent skills to come to Ardmore and live.Michelin’s Ardmore plant has 1,732 workers with general tenure of 12-13 years.Michelin goes above and beyond to care for its employees.