President Brett Matherly called the meeting to order.  President Matherly gave the invocation and led the Club in the Pledge and the Four-Way Test. 
  •  Jim Marshall gave a happy dollar in honor of Brett Matherly’s service as our President for the past year. 
  • President Matherly gave a happy dollar recognizing his daughter Hanna’s marriage.
  • Anna Lassahn was one of the students who received our Rotary scholarships this year and she sent a thank you card that Brett read to the club.
Rotary Magazine Report
Emmett Hudgins gave his monthly magazine report.  This issue featured lively editorial responses to the previous issue’s article on climate change.  The new Rotary International President, Mark Maloney, was featured in a twelve page article.  He is President of the Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama. 
President Matherly gave his closing remarks as President.  He noted that the Club has gained six new members (soon to be seven) this year.  He said he believed the Club had a bright future and thanked Treasurer Kevin Howard for all the work he has done for the Cub over the years.
President Matherly noted the efforts of newer members like Marcus Cunningham, Taylor Gregory, and Timmi Ross to improve the Club.  He noted his appreciation for Amy Hanus and thanked her for her willingness to serve as our next Vice-President/President Elect.
President Matherly said he has sat at the front table of meetings for the past three years and he is looking forward to attending as a spectator.  However, as Immediate Past President he will still have a very active role in serving on the Executive Committee and advising our new President, David Powell.  David will give his opening marks next week.
Ed Strate, the Club's newest member, who will soon be inducted
Imari Prince, guest of Madison Dial
28 members and 2 guests for a total of 30 in attendance.